Your Supply Chain Deserves More than ERP

Your Supply Chain Deserves More than ERP

Will your ERP accommodate your complex supply chain planning requirements? This is a big question executives have been faced with over the last year as resilience and sustainability have become increasingly important. Comparing a supply chain planning platform against an ERP system that offers supply chain management capabilities is a challenge. The quality of supply chain operations is critical to evolve business models, deliver new products and services, seize new opportunities, respond to market dynamics, and mitigate risks across strategic operations. The last thing businesses want is to get locked down with a digital investment that does not fully meet their needs today and cannot scale to address future challenges. 

So why are companies increasingly choosing the highly focused capabilities of the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform over the broad-spectrum offerings of ERP vendors? Here’s a glimpse into what our customers tell us. 

Logility is Fit for Purpose and Addresses Supply Chain Needs Head On 

When it comes to our vision for digital supply chain twins, advanced analytics, and alignment of planning decisions, Logility is given high praise. We offer a single platform to address specific supply chain topics, including allocation, supply and inventory optimization, sourcing management, automated order promising, data management, predictive analytics, demand planning, optimization, demand sensing, and more. 

As supply chain planning concerns continue to evolve and grow, Logility’s platform capabilities are constantly expanded with intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and made available whenever our customers need them. For example, our demand planning and sensing solutions enable our customers to run causal forecasting and simulations to determine the best approach to introduce new products and determine life cycle curves. Additionally, our customers can optimize their inventory based on size, pack, style, and color with dynamic assortment capabilities. 

ERP providers take a generalist, add-on approach to improve supply chain visibility. As a result, companies must go through the extra cost of deploying and integrating additional cloud-based, broadly enterprise technologies – involving a foundational ERP, predictive analytics, and business network. Meanwhile, access to critical capabilities, such as AI-enabled cognitive guidance to consensus forecasting, parametric tuning automation, inventory optimization by pack and size, and planning decision alignment, often remain elusive. 

Logility’s Feature Updates and Roadmap Are Highly Favorable 

Product direction is always a critical metric that businesses use to determine the longevity of their investment in the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform. It requires expertise and technology that keep up with ever-evolving challenges, turning them into new opportunities to drive resilient, sustainable supply chains. 

When businesses entrust Logility, they can rely on our ability to deliver the capabilities required to handle their supply chain needs. Our vision incorporates artificial intelligence, data management, speed and scalability, and  co-development – all of which are available without additional services. 

The same is not the case with ERP systems. It seems that ERP vendors’ generalist approach is leaving supply chain leaders with a fuzzy view of the future of their solutions. Plus, despite simple pricing models based on module use and revenue, project budgets can increase unexpectedly as more services and resources are needed to implement new technology. 

Supply Chains are Logility’s Passion  

In many ways, the past year has served as a visible reminder of the importance of having the right expertise and technology to see supply chain operations through disruptive risks and transformational opportunities. And this realization inspires us even more to serve supply chains exclusively. 

We take great pride in our mission to serve our customers’ supply chains. There’s no better way to help businesses move forward sustainably and profitably. 

Find out why Gartner ranked Logility as a leader in its 2021 “Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions.” 

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Shawn Reynolds

Executive Vice President, Marketing

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Shawn Reynolds, Executive Vice President, Marketing, leads global marketing strategy, manages brand awareness, and develops programs that drive the success of Logility’s products and services. Shawn is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years of successfully leading world-class marketing organizations. Prior to joining Logility, he was chief marketing officer at enosix, an ERP integration provider. He has also held roles as chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless as well as global vice president at SAP, where he was responsible for leading the company’s global marketing for digital supply chain. Supply Chain Brief