May 2023

We are back again with the Logility Supply Chain Pulse Newsletter. We hope you found some useful insights in our last newsletter.  Read on to explore the supply chain trends that are making waves in the industry.

  • How do you choose the best supply chain planning provider for your business? Have you thought about it yet? Supply Chain Brain has, and they asked Logility’s Scott Abbate to share his thoughts on this process. Listen to the podcast from the link below.
  • Digital transformation is hard, and supply chain leaders are becoming more burdened by the quickly changing world in which they operate. Read Kevin McInturff’s thoughtful comments on how supply chain leaders can keep up.
  • Are you wondering how to reduce waste with better shelf-life planning, component postponement strategies, and optimizing transportation modes?  If so, read about the new sustainability capabilities across the Logility platform below.

From our Partners:

Hearing that enterprises struggle with selecting a supply chain planning provider, SCB reached out to Logility’s Scott Abbate to discuss what companies should consider when choosing their supply chain planning vendor.

Listen to their conversation here: Finding the Right Supply Chain Planning Provider

From our Experts:

“The smartest play is a supply chain platform—one that’s built based on true supply chain expertise but is accessible and intuitive enough for stakeholders across the business.”

Logility’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin McInturff shares his opinion on the recent Gartner digital transformation guide. Gartner Digital Transformation Guide Logilitys Takeaways. Before you scroll, we also included a way to download the guide in the article. After you read it, tell us what you think on LinkedIn.


Logility hosts webinars each month to keep you updated on fast paced supply chain industry. Check in each month, join us for our upcoming events and catch up on past events! Here’s what happening now:

Supply Chain Predictions: Insights from Gartner 2023 Supply Chain Symposium – June 28, 2023 – Did you make it to the Gartner 2023 Supply Chain Symposium? If so, that’s great! If not, we’ve made things easier for you with this webinar, which will provide a recap. Be sure to sign up for our upcoming LIVE webinar Register here.

3 Ways to Pivot Faster with Multi-Horizon Integrated Business Planning : 90% of our attendees at this webinar said they conduct scenario analysis on their network design annually or greater. Some even said never! Aligning your network design analysis to the right time horizon can unlock the opportunity to optimize your supply chain. Discover three strategies to pivot faster with multi-horizon IBP and scenario analysis. If you missed our webinardon’t worry, you can catch the recording on-demand here.

Featured Blog: Keeping Your Sights Set on Resilience, Agility and Sustainability

Companies with more agile supply chain practices have service levels that are 7% higher and inventory levels that are 23 days lower than their less agile peers.  Forward-thinking supply chain leaders have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to future-proof their supply chain networks.  Click here to read on.

Executive Brief Series

With growing pressure to cut inventory and reduce costs; rising oil prices and labor costs; geopolitical uncertainty, and concerns about the global economy, chef supply chain executives face growing pressures to safeguard margins while maintaining service levels.  Read Right Sizing Inventory in a Cash Conscious Economy where our leaders explain why CSCOs now need to think about the bigger picture with more scenarios and alternatives that optimize across all locations and time horizons. Download a copy here.

In the News:

While we don’t usually share product information as part of our industry trends newsletter, we have some pretty cool news to share on several new sustainability capabilities across our platform Our latest release has introduced the ability to minimize Scope 3 emissions with network optimization, new dashboards to monitor supplier compliance and performance, identify purchase orders at risk of non-compliance and improve visibility of restricted suppliers. 

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