Having One Plan: The Key to Unified Commerce


Retailing is currently undergoing one of the most radical seismic shifts with further changes imminent. A comprehensive retail demand planning foundation is key for success.

In order to deliver the very best shopping experience, as a retailer you must deliver what your customers want. For the last few decades, retailers have used different retail demand planning systems for each area of their business, with virtually no integration. This has meant time-consuming and costly attempts to analyze each silo of information, including inventory positions. However, the inaccuracies of working this way has led to a greater cost—and thus falling customer satisfaction levels as failure to effectively communicate across all channels of sale virtually guarantees an inability to deliver a valuable customer experience.

By adopting a Unified Commerce culture, with an improved technology stack, your retail business can react to consumer demands in real time. Not in stock in-store? No problem, arrange a delivery direct to the customer’s door. Bought online and want to return to store? Simple, optimized inventory solutions mean that the location of the product is tracked and the inventory automatically updated.

In this third white paper in series of three, learn why embracing Unified Commerce and having a single plan that uses advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate retail demand planning – including merchandise planning, assortment, allocation and replenishment – is the key to success.

You will learn how Unified Commerce can leverage all of your processes and technology into one cohesive platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, working with every single one of your customer engagement points to provide an exemplary experience, whenever and wherever your customers choose to shop.

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