Pricing and
Promotion Analysis​

Understand the full impact of price changes
and promotions on demand


Strategic Outcomes

Lock down your price and promotion strategy with Logility’s solution for pricing and promotion analysis. Planners can predict demand spikes and sales lift resulting from a promotion or temporary price reduction to drive better inventory decisions. 

Become laser-focused

Gain visibility to drive improved decision-making.

Review and align

Analyze trends, optimize product pricing.

Evaluate and measure

Assess revenue impact, maximize promotions, measure lift.


Pricing and promotion analysis enhances campaign management and supports inventory planning by revealing the impact of price changes on demand using multi-level, regression-based machine learning algorithms and highly refined price elasticity models.

Improve forecasting

Predict demand spikes and sales lift resulting from promotions or price reductions.

Level up inventory management

Anticipate detailed inventory requirements based on a promotional calendar, improve inventory velocity and boost customer satisfaction.

Align cross-functionally

Collaborate across marketing and operations teams, creating what-if scenarios to achieve market share, unit, revenue and profit goals.

Plan with confidence

Gain fresh, actionable insights when existing pricing models fail to account for important segmentations like Customer, Geography and Category.

When you do get it right, your profits go up, your margin goes up, you pick up momentum, you gain credibility with all parties. You increase your agility to be able to react to other disruptions in the market, and your service level goes up.
8 Methods to Improve Forecast Accuracy
Logility has led to significant improvements in our inventory turns, 20-25% by division, which has enabled us to continue to grow. We’ve seen forecast accuracy improvements of 40-50% in our food service division.

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