The Digitization of Supply Chains: Leading industrial supply chains are dramatically accelerating real-time manufacturing decision-making. Are you?

Enhancing operational efficiency and mitigating challenges, facilitate real time visibility into the entire supply chain, allowing for proactive decision making. Inventory management, demand forecasting, and order fulfillment become streamlined, reducing costs and minimizing delays. With advanced analytics and automation, industrial manufacturing companies can respond swiftly to market dynamics, ensuring a resilient and agile supply chain that is well-positioned to meet customer demands while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Monitor performance, reduce risk

Use built-in performance management capabilities to help you stay on top of global supply chain priorities.

Meet service goals cost-effectively 

Use customer–specific forecasting capabilities, “what-if” analysis and time-phased inventory policies to gauge the cost of serving key accounts. 

Optimize fulfillment 

Automatically allocate demand orders against supply using tolerances and minimum order quantities, even in short supply situations.

Gain global visibility

Easily formulate and revise plans based on real-time demand signals and inventory.

Leverage advanced analytics

Measure, monitor and receive alerts of key supply chain issues. Stay aware of changes in an ever-changing market. 

Address intermittent demand

Use a probabilistic approach to calculate more accurate safety stock targets, tailored specifically for low and lumpy demand items

Achieve operational excellence with the confidence to make real time decisions.

Achieve Planning Alignment

Manage planning across your business and view a single, consistent plan at multiple levels of detail. For many companies, one-number planning is the foundation for creating a best-practice sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.

Integrated Business Planning

Turn S&OP and strategic planning into a formal comprehensive process with integrated business planning (IBP). Leverage Logility’s proven optimization capabilities with rich visualization, powerful multi-scenario analysis, collaborative workflow, and intelligent alerts to ensure your resources and investments are deployed effectively to achieve your business goals.

Refine Inventory Management and Replenishment

Categorize inventory investments based on margin contribution within specific global markets. Using built-in inventory simulations, you can synchronize your inventory investments with service-level goals.

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Automated Inventory Policies


Integrated Business Planning

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COVID-19 has had a huge impact in the automotive industry. Together with Logility, we are able to quickly assess impacts by creating and reviewing scenarios based on the disruptive market signals. Using the native AI capabilities in Logility we are able to offset the impact of the disruption and meet the increased demand and prevent reduced service levels.
With Logility, we have established common planning processes across the company and today we are in a much better position to address our supply chain challenges using one global platform.

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