Rejuvenation in a Post-Pandemic World: How Life Sciences Companies Can Reinvent Supply Chain Planning

All sectors of the life sciences industry, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmic/dental, nutritional supplements, and even veterinary, need connected, resilient supply chains: to steel themselves against disruptions; to meet the ever-present demands of accelerating cycle times, rising R&D costs, global compliance, and traceability; and to continue to embrace digital transformation.

This eBook looks at supply chain planning and decision-support technologies that can help you to:

  • Make sourcing commitments and production orders earlier in the cycle, enabling on-time delivery at the lowest cost
  • Align high-level business planning with detailed product forecasting to boost service levels, shorten cycle times, reduce inventory investments and improve profitability
  • Understand the key drivers of excess inventory and put the right levels of raw materials in the right place, at the right time

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