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Logility Launches Additional Cutting-Edge Generative AI Capabilities Across its Digital Platform

Enhance Employee Experience Across Your Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain professionals are drowning in data, and precious hours are wasted in data collation and searching for answers from dashboards and reports that are quickly outdated. Designed specifically for supply chain applications Logility’s GenAI improves productivity by providing actionable insights via a conversational interface that anyone from any department – sales, marketing, operations, or finance – can use to speak supply chain in users’ everyday language.

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Supply Chain Insights for Everyone with Generative AI

GenAI accelerates supply chain decision making, helping to dramatically increase access to information and the productivity of all team members involved in demand and inventory management. GenAI acts as a liaison that bridges departmental silos and helps organizations remove decision latency by moving from sequential processes to more fluid processes.

Leverage our AI-first data structure for effortless explainability as a foundation that provides actionable insights from generative AI inquiries. With Logility’s GenAI, planners can address specific supply chain planning challenges in demand, supply, inventory, and order fulfillment, for any product, location, or customer, for any time period, at any level of detail supported. They can see and analyze changes leveraging large language models (LLMs) while staying within the guardrails of data security provided via Microsoft Azure.

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