Optimized supply chain planning: the latest trend in the world of fashion.

The fashion industry faces challenges on multiple fronts: increasing pressure to perform, shifting consumer behaviors, a continued emphasis on sustainability and accelerating demand for digital. Armed with Logility’s supply chain management expertise, companies in fashion apparel, staple apparel, footwear, accessories, textiles and other fashion industry sectors are successfully integrating their highly complex, global networks of customers, suppliers and channels.

Compliance Certificates that Trace the Digital Thread

Document the chain of custody from material origin to importer of record. Achieve resilience, compliance and sustainability. Identify the digital thread for every product and create a compliance certificate that summarizes each exchange of products and materials from fiber origin to final destination.

Execute at the SKU level

Accurately predict demand, even without historical demand information.

Leverage optimal supply sources

Generate multiple supply plans that consider all constraints. Optimize tough trade-offs between sourcing options, lead times and transportation options.

Boost profits

Increase the profitability of each season’s collection. Logility streamlines your current processes to produce highly accurate forecasts at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Achieve low-cost compliance

Confidently navigate a more stringent regulatory landscape that places a premium on digital chain of custody, track/trace, reporting and documentation.

Optimize fulfillment

Automatically allocate demand orders against supply using tolerances and minimum order quantities, even in short supply situations.

The future of supply chain planning for the apparel industry is available now.

Optimize Production

Use demand sensing techniques leveraging structured and unstructured data.

Understand Promotion-Driven Demand Fluctuations

Take advantage of demand modeling strengths to model changes in demand influenced by new store openings, special offers, advertising or other sales anomalies. 

Monitor Performance 

Logility continuously monitors, controls, alerts, simulates and measures supply chain activities to give you total visibility. 

Meet Service Goals Profitably

Use “what-if” analysis and time-phased inventory policies to gauge the cost of serving key accounts. Logility helps you see how inventory policies impact service goals, how storage and distribution decisions affect costs, and how you can cost-effectively improve product availability at the customer and channel level.

Gain Planning Flexibility

Easily plan demand by season, style, color, size and other attributes. And your plans can embody multiple perspectives: financial, item or product family, container or packaged units, distribution points and more. 

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Our deployment of Logility has enabled us to significantly accelerate our SIOP process which has been instrumental in aligning our corporate goals and strategy across brands and functional areas.
Red Wing Shoe Company
We’ve automated a lot of processes with Logility, so our planners can focus on things that make a difference. We’re also positioned to grow revenue as our business continues to evolve.

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