July 2023

Have you incorporated AI into your business?

If you have, that’s great! If not, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to fall behind. We all know it’s not affordable to delay in supply chain. We can help you make sense of what AI means for your supply chain and what will get you the best results.

  • Last time, we learned the difference between Generative AI and machine learning. This time, our experts explain how Generative AI can speed up your decision-making process.
  • Supply chain planning can and will be digitally transformed by Generative AI like ChatGPT. Scroll a bit for our free webinar on this topic.
  • Learn why prescriptive supply chain planning will put your business on the “fast track” to rapid ROI and Executive alignment. What is prescriptive supply chain planning? Read on for more.

From our Partners:

A recent Gartner report, “3 Strategies to Integrate Sustainability Into Supply Chain Operating Activities,” describes how to proactively establish sustainability resources in key supply chain functions in a way that adds value to the decision-making process using better data. Get complimentary access to this research here.

From our Experts:

As Mark Balte at Logility explains in a recent blog: “Just as traditional AI is expected as part of your supply chain solution today, planners will soon expect to see the power of generative AI as well.” Understand how to use Generative AI to transform and expedite your supply chain decision making process in: 3 Ways Generative AI Will Empower Supply Chain Decision Making.”


Logility hosts webinars each month to keep you updated on the fast paced supply chain industry. Check in each month, follow Logility on LinkedIn to learn when the next webinar is scheduled, and join us live! Here’s what is happening now:

In the upcoming webinar, Revolutionizing Supply Chain Planning with ChatGPT and AI-first Forecasting on August 17th 11 a.m. ET/ 5:00 pm CETspeaker, Mark Baltewill talk about how incorporating AI into your supply chain can increase forecast accuracy and supply agility. Register here.

Featured Blogs:

How can you be sure to implement the right supply chain planning software? You can chose a vendor with a prescriptive approach to supply chain planning software implementation. Check out more in our blog: Supply Chain Planning Software Vendor Selection: What they Won’t Tell You

Also, with sustainability becoming more of a necessity than an option, Lachelle Buchanan at Logility, shares her thoughts on how sustainability can bring profitability to the supply chain. Read more on our website: Supply Chain Sustainability: Value & Profit in Responsibility

Executive Brief Series

In the ever-changing supply chain, a prescriptive approach focuses on a few simple, yet important elements: people, processes, and technology. Our executive brief, Prescriptive Supply Chain Planning: The Fast Track to Executive Buy-in and Rapid ROI, takes a deep dive into how this process can transform supply chain technology integration. Get your copy here.

In the News:

SupplyChainBrain recognizes Logility as a Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partner! We are honored to once again be recognized by SupplyChainBrain!

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