Six Keys to Exceed Expectations with Inventory Optimization


Inventory optimization software from supply chain management companies can act as a proven vehicle to gain competitive value through reduced buffer stock, freed-up working capital and improved service levels. Leading the inventory optimization initiative in an organization requires more than an appreciation for its enormous cost savings and customer service improvements. You must find the best supply chain management companies with a software platform to allow organizations to optimize their inventory and implement business improvements.

Maybe you are a front line supply chain professional, or maybe you’re a senior executive who “gets it” and understands the enormous cost savings and customer service improvements that can be gained by implementing a successful inventory optimization process.

In either case, you’re committed to moving forward with the tools supplied by the best supply chain management companies. But you also know that there are “forces of nature” out there that will work against you to slow you down or sidetrack your program. In this paper we will share experience gained from helping some of the world’s leading manufacturers and recognized supply chain leaders avoid the pitfalls that can stall progress, sap forward momentum and potentially spell disaster for a program that would otherwise yield major business improvements.

This white paper provides the facts needed to help develop and execute a plan to build executive support for an inventory optimization initiative, including supply-side procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, finance, and strategic planning, and create a shared understanding of the supply chain with inventory-related KPIs visible among business units, and more.

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