Automated Inventory Policies

Unlock service excellence. Empower your inventory strategy. Tame lumpy demand.


Automatically Detect Intermittent Demand Patterns

Lumpy demand items have posed a unique challenge in determining safety stock targets based on desired service levels. Traditional deterministic technologies like APS and ERP systems fall short when dealing with products having skewed distribution and the need to meet higher service levels since they don’t account for the uncertainty inherent in intermittent demand patterns. With Automated Inventory Policies you can automatically detect if the demand pattern is normally distributed or intermittent, low and lumpy, and calculate more accurate safety stock targets for even the most difficult to forecast items.

Conquer Intermittent Demand with Probabilistic Inventory Planning

Read our blog to learn more about Probabilistic Inventory Planning as an advanced inventory management methodology and its value to your bottom line.

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Automated Inventory Policies Ensure Optimum Stocking Levels

Our probabilistic approach ensures that you maintain the right level of inventory for lumpy or intermittent demand items, preventing overstocking while meeting your service level targets. Achieve the desired service levels even for products with skewed distribution, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Make informed decisions based on statistical analysis, reducing the guesswork and uncertainty associated with the unique challenges of lumpy or intermittent demand items.

Service Parts Management: The Linchpin to Successful Service Operations

According to Gartner, the typical company provides support services and parts for an average of seven years after an initial product sale, making service parts planning vital.

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