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Network Optimization

Supply chain disruption, risk, and complexity are frustrating topics in many boardrooms today and outdated modeling systems can no longer keep pace with the quickly changing supply chain industry. Network optimization helps supply chain leaders dynamically model inventory and answer important questions about optimizing their supply chains.

  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Supply Chain Network Flows 
  • Real-time analysis: Real-time simulations based on the latest network operation data.​
  • Planning alignment: Drawing on data direct  from other sourcing management, manufacturing schedules, multi-node inventory positioning and the latest deployment moves.​
  • Data integration: Powerful analytics and reference data calculate and adjust freight, inventory, labor and lease rates for new supply chain options, eliminating months of chasing data.​
  • Visual, intuitive design: Visualize your supply chain with captivating graphics and intuitive, responsive user interactions, including drag-and-drop capabilities to view and update scenarios in real time.​
  • Speed and scalability: Leverage SaaS computing inside a modern, highly scalable, and secure architecture.​
  • Distributed analysis: With our ease-of-use and embedded best practices, you can democratize and distribute analysis and decision-making to product and regional experts.​

Robust capabilities to create strategic and tactical flows

Network Optimization determines the optimum flow in a network considering:

  • Inventory Cost
  • Capacity Constraints
  • Landed costs 
  • Service requirements 
  • Emissions  
  • Resiliency options   

Optimize your network monthly, weekly, or whenever there is a change. Ongoing optimization is a best practice, even for the busiest supply chain teams. Take every opportunity to improve your service times and increase your profits:

  • Inventory redeployment 
  • Customer management 
  • Supplier optimization 

Find the most efficient way to move your product and supplies through your system. Work with your partners to improve the overall supply chain.

  • Mode optimization 
  • Pooling points 
  • Zone skipping 
  • Seasonal strategies 

See our Network Design and Optimization Solution in Action

Logility’s network optimization solution helps you answer important questions about redesigning and optimizing your supply chain, such as whether you are shipping to the right locations, where you should put your next warehouse, or whether you should offshore or near-shore.

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