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Traditional challenges for electronics and high-tech industries include predicting consumer demand, monitoring and strengthening complicated supply chains and maintaining product quality standards. Strict environmental regulations mean controlling the impact of every stage of product’s  life cyclefrom the manufacturing process to consumer energy use and product disposal. 

Gain real-time visibility

Easily formulate and revise plans based on real-time visibility of demand and inventoryeven across complex global supply chains. 

Meet service goals cost effectively

Use Logilitys best-in-class modeling environment to accurately model your supply chains operational constraints and keep service levels balanced.

Forecast at the SKU level

Easily predict sales for thousands of SKUs with wide-ranging life spans and variables such as capacity, capability and size.

Accelerate new product introductions

Gain the visibility and agility you need to optimize supply across the products entire life span, from launch to retirement.

The future of supply chain technology for electronics and high-tech industries is available now.

Logility’s solutions integrate data and processes across a global network of customers, suppliers and markets. As a result, youll have an agile, demand-driven enterprise that moves with best-in-class efficiency and visibility. 

Monitor Performance, Reduce Risk

Logility continuously monitors and controls supply chain activities, alerting you to exceptions based on parameters you define. 

Easily Manage Promotional Demand

Use Logilitys demand modeling capabilities to uniquely model lifts in demand related to new store openings, special offers, advertising, coupons, rebates or other pricing incentives.  

Accelerate Replenishment Planning

Take an enterprise-wide approach to demand planning, inventory optimization and replenishment. 

Integrated Business Planning

Leverage Logilitys proven optimization capabilities, rich visualization, powerful multi-scenario analysis and collaborative workflows to ensure your resources and investments are deployed effectively. 

Optimize Inventory Policies

Strategically position inventory across your multi-echelon distribution network. 

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Integrated Business Planning

Demand Planning and Optimization

Inventory Planning and Optimization

Supply Planning and Optimization

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Logility is proud to support these businesses and many more with our transformational digital supply chain planning solutions. 

Logility allows us to place inventory more strategically and choose any warehouse to be the point of delivery, minimizing the number of stocking points.
Perfect Balance at Farnell
When we started with Logility, 33% of our inventory was deemed excess, above what our forecast would dictate. We’ve reduced that to half, working to a goal of 15%.

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