Hunkemöller Achieves Growth in a Complex Market through Analytics, Automation and a Unified Retail Planning Platform with Logility

Ladies Fashion Retailer Makes Better Decisions Faster
NEW YORK – January 13, 2020 – Logility, Inc., automating the digital transformation of advanced retail planning and supply chain optimization, today announced Hunkemöller, a ladies lingerie and clothing manufacturer with more than 7,000 employees in 900 stores across 20 geographies, has achieved impressive results with the Logility Digital Planning platform. Today, Hunkemöller is able to optimize inventory performance, automate allocation and replenishment planning processes, and free up time for the planning team to focus on value-adding analysis and higher impact decision-making opportunities.

Hunkemöller manages a complex product portfolio offered across multiple channels including company-owned retail, e-commerce, franchise and concession store operations. The company’s merchandise is available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to fit the needs of its diverse customers. For example, one style can have 57 different size, color and style combinations. For Hunkemöller, the challenge is to ensure each store is provided the right assortment of merchandise that will maximize full-price sell-through and deliver the seamless experience its customers have come to expect. For example, style preferences and size requirements can differ greatly from one region to another. The retailer turned to Logility’s digital planning platform to help automate its allocation and replenishment and support its goals to deliver a unified customer-centric strategy across each channel.

“Having an intelligent planning platform to manage the complexity of Hunkemöller’s inventory while continuously refining and optimizing allocation and replenishment to specific demand was crucial,” said Nick Bailey, global merchandising, planning and distribution director, Hunkemöller. “Automating size curves and other hard to manage variables, Logility gives us far more process automation and visibility into our data, and has enabled our allocation team to take on a more strategic role. Because our allocators are now more strategic, they can make better decisions to keep merchandise in the right place at the right time.”

Logility’s advanced analytics provide Hunkemöller with the ability to evaluate atypical demand spikes and other anomalies. With the constant change of consumer preferences and the information-sharing habits of the connected world we live in, Hunkemöller is able to quickly assess sales demand information provided by Logility, and to analyze it at a granular level. With these insights, replenishment decisions are made with more autonomy and confidence.

“Hunkemöller recognized the opportunity to transform its merchandise planning processes, boost inventory performance and sense and respond more quickly to changes in customer demand while reducing costs and improving the customer experience,” said Karin Bursa, executive vice president, Logility. “The Logility Digital Planning platform helps companies like Hunkemöller drive higher margins, improve service and automate replenishment with greater precision and less effort.”

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