Decision Command Center

Mitigate risk by leveraging data and intelligence to enhance decision-making, driving value across your entire supply chain ecosystem.


Engineer Your Supply Chain Decision Making for Proactive Accountability

Disjointed planning lacks the comprehensive end-to-end (E2E) perspective required to manage disruptions and minimize risk. Fast, high quality decisions require contextual, continuous, and connected data from the supply chain ecosystem. Decision transparency is a must — especially in cross-functional business processes like sustainability and risk management. With Decision Command Center, overcome isolated systems and data silos with cross-functional decision workflows that ensure better supply chain insights.


Gain End-to-End Perspective with Integrated Supply Chain Use Cases

Decision Command Center helps lower risk by enabling high-quality, cross-functional, end-to-end decisions leading to better resource utilization and value creation. Improve transparency and control as Decision Command Center reaches beyond basic workflows to integrate supply chain planning processes to enhance visibility, facilitate understanding of supply chain implications, and achieve greater strategic and operational alignment. It breaks down functional silos and promotes interconnectedness within the business ecosystem. As a complement to Logility’s comprehensive E2E supply chain planning platform, Decision Command Center enables organizations to achieve business outcomes for supply chain use cases that were previously challenging to realize. It serves as a single system of record and collaboration, includes tracking of key assumptions, and provides an audit trail for supply chain decision-making.

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