Demand Planning and Optimization

More accurate demand forecasting drives more accurate downstream demand plans that boost profitability, satisfy customers and synchronize supply chain partners. 


Strategic Outcomes

Meet your digital supply chain agenda: synchronize activities and gain time, accuracy and efficiency. Demand planning and optimization aligns high-level business planning with detailed product forecasting to boost service levels, shorten cycle times, reduce inventory investments and improve profitability.

Gain superior visibility

Lower costs, increase product availability and improve profitability.

Make better, faster decisions

Leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to make faster, more empowered decisions.

Satisfy your customers

Drive more accurate downstream supply chain plans through better demand forecasting. Boost customer service and perfect orders.

Convert information into action

Drive efficient production scheduling, sourcing and finished goods inventory management and free up working capital.


Capture the needs of an entire enterprise in one plan to guide your business. Logility’s demand planning and optimization solution allows you to increase product availability and improve profitability with advanced demand forecasting methods.

Improve forecast accuracy

Automatically generate forecasts at business levels you define, from sales and marketing to logistics and financials. Automatic model switching ensures continuous best-fit forecasting across the product life cycle. Improve accuracy for new product introductions (NPIs).

Decrease inventory costs

Eliminate redundant and obsolete inventory and decrease inventory carrying costs. Optimize inventory decisions by channel.

Identify risks and opportunities

Improve visibility into the demand patterns of new, short life cycle and dynamic products. Make the impact of events and promotions visible.

Automate planning

Automate routine demand planning for higher accuracy and greater precision.

With Logility, we have established common planning processes across the company and today we are in a much better position to address our supply chain challenges using one global platform.
Husqvarna Group’s Digital Supply Chain Transformation Story
8 Methods That Improve Forecasting Accuracy
Our deployment of Logility has enabled us to significantly accelerate our SIOP process which has been instrumental in aligning our corporate goals and strategy across brands and functional areas.

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