Explainer Video

Navigate Your Demand Plan with GenAI

Ready to use Generative AI to Navigate your Demand Plan?

GenAI can help users navigate their Logility workbench and empower new demand planners to deliver value on day one. This refreshingly simple approach minimizes workforce training and adoption issues. This quick video shows how users can:

  • Access example (prewritten prompts) questions to help you navigate directly to any screen, ex: “Go to events”
  • Navigate your workbench: GenAI can take you to any customer, product, location, etc, without ever leaving the current screen
  • Use your own words: GenAI is prepped to understand a translate your prompts, regardless of language or jargon you use!

See Logility’s GenAI in Action Now!

Watch this full demo to see how you can leverage our AI-native platform to master complex supply chain data, boost productivity, and communicate across departmental silos.

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