How to Build a Brigade of Supply Chain Talent

Supply chain is a dynamic field that demands top talent across a wide breadth of disciplines. Currently, for every three candidates found, eight jobs go unfulfilled, (see Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Training or Development). It is projected that by 2020 the number of supply chain jobs will grow 26 percent. Thankfully, the supply chain is quickly gaining momentum at the university level around the world. Many schools have built strong, reputable programs to fill the open positions.

While a new tech-savvy generation enters the workforce, many lack the hands-on practical experience to hit the ground running. However, these digital natives have the drive and motivation to quickly make an impact and create results. This determination is what supply chain teams need to take their planning to the next level. (Learn more about the new generation of supply chain talent in this blog post: Imagine 2030: Supply Chain Talent). Today’s companies must shift their thinking and hire with the intent to nurture and grow their top planning talent. (Read about this topic in the blog post: The Talent Gap).

This year, we launched Logility University, an extension to our training program and an opportunity for companies to fill the talent gap. This is a multi-tier curriculum for both customers and partners aimed at helping individuals and companies enhance their supply chain knowledge and take advantage of the advanced capabilities within Logility’s digital platform. As companies begin to embrace digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), it is imperative supply chains teams are equipped with the knowledge and expertise they need to overcome the growing complexity of today’s 24/7, 365 business model.

The curriculum is available at any of Logility’s global education centers (India, New Zealand, United Kingdom or United States), through an on-demand course program, or onsite at a customer’s location.

There are three different levels of certification:

  1. The Foundation Level focuses on basic supply chain and system knowledge.
  2. The Advanced Level course highlights the application of supply chain knowledge to solve business challenges.
  3. The Master Level is designed for instructors and Logility Business Partners to ensure they are able to train internal teams or customers.

We start at the beginning and build a strong foundation of supply chain knowledge and our customers and partners leave with an invaluable certification they can share with their team. As we elevate the understanding of supply chain and help organizations mature their process, we also help shape the future of supply chain.

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