How do you Avoid the Pitfalls of SCM-SAP Integration?


Best-of-breed supply chain planning and optimization solutions such as the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform go beyond standardized ERP technology to increase service levels, minimize inventory, drive fact-based decisions, handle demand uncertainty and supply volatility, and manage product life cycles for maximum profitability. 

A crucial question is how to integrate such a powerful solution with an organizationexisting enterprise resource planning (ERP) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems. Some dangers are obvious, while others may remain hidden, then suddenly emerge to put the solution at risk.  

Common pitfalls for integration impact cost and effort, scalability and speed, sustainability, and flexibility. This white paper addresses these pitfalls and demonstrates how Logility delivers high-performance ERP SAP integration efficiently and cost-effectively while providing long-term value by continually upgrading software components to maintain currency with data model updates over time. 

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