Position merchandise to optimally serve your customers.


Strategic Outcomes

When it’s time to make critical decisions about where to position merchandise, you need the ability to act, react and adapt based on actual customer demand and current market trends.

Logility’s allocation solution uses flexible rules and automated workflows to ensure product availability and high customer service, while efficiently managing inventory positions and directing products to channels and locations that best serve customer demand, even in short supply situations.

Differentiate your business

Ensure product availability through every channel.

Automate and accelerate

Ensure the right style, color, and size assortment arrives at every store.

Increase profits

Boost sales, increase margins and cut inventory costs. 


Allocation optimizes at the store level, incorporating store-specific unit capacities, picking schedules and delivery lead times. A ‘percent need’ calculation allocation balances all stores against projected needs while accounting for min/max constraints. For apparel and footwear retailers, allocation helps optimize unique size scales for each store location.

Automate replenishment

Manage fashion replenishment and integrated allocations to dynamically react, adapt and take action based on customer demand, product assortments and sales trends.

Leverage all channels

Span stores, outlets, ecommerce and more through omni-channel allocations.

Define multiple rules

Accelerate bulk and pre-pack merchandise allocation to specific stores with pre-pack rules.

Forecast at the SKU level

Update store sales and stock forecasts dynamically.

Leverage virtual warehousing

Gain efficiency with automated replenishment from DC back-stock on an as-needed basis.

Optimize and allocate

Increase inventory turns and reduce markdowns. Allocate packs and bulks together, as individual items or entire collections.

Logility has enabled us to improve our sell-through, reduce our markdowns and increase profitability as we position merchandise in the optimal location to delight our customers.
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