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Logility Acquires Garvis AI to Boost Planning Capabilities

With AI-native capabilities in demand planning, forecasting, and supply chain analysis, Logility is poised to deliver increased forecasting accuracy, enhanced operational visibility, and improved inventory management and service levels for customers.

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Nucleus Research Analyst, Charles A Brennan, shares in his recent report that “Leveraging Garvis’ demand planning and ChatGPT-powered capabilities within the Logility ecosystem will allow Logility customers to access AI-driven insights and real-time demand forecasting.”

In this report, explore the anticipated benefits of DemandAI+ as predicted by Nucleus Research:

  • Increased forecast accuracy: Nucleus interviewed users and found that organizations can increase demand forecasting accuracy by 17% leading to lower safety stock levels and improved OTIF rates.
  • Enhanced operational visibility and agile decision-making.
  • Improved inventory management and service levels.
journal logility acquires garvis ai to boost planning capabilities