What’s A Digital Supply Chain Platform?

The supply chain systems of the past are not enough in today’s fast paced world, and your company needs a digital supply chain platform that supports the speed of business – fast, efficient and transparent.

A single, end-to-end digital supply chain platform is vital for businesses today to thrive and survive. It can help manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and distributors make smarter decisions faster.

How do these platforms work? They start by using digitalization to take advantage of your investments in foundational and advanced supply chain planning and optimization capabilities to help you make better decisions faster. With this in place, you can change your business model to generate new revenue, increase efficiencies and offer greater business confidence.

Digital models reflect the physical network allowing you to leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Collaboration and business scenario analysis to boost customer service, accelerate your time to market and replace inventory with information. Through digital supply chain capabilities your business can help increase revenue, lower costs, reduce risk and boost service as you make better decisions, faster. A digital supply chain enables process augmentation and automation freeing up resources to focus on other value added activities. A digital supply chain also improves your ability to seamlessly collaborate with customers and partners. Digitizing your supply chain allows you to build a “Digital Twin” or an electronic representation of your supply chain increasing visibility and enabling the foundation for advanced analytics including simulations and multiple “what-if” scenarios.

The digital supply chain is the next step in the evolution of modern supply chain management and Logility can provide the visibility and rapid data discovery needed for continuous end-to-end supply chain planning. Watch this quick video to learn more.