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Gain a competitive advantage with optimized planning and advanced analytics.

The digital supply chain is here! It’s all about leveraging smart, intelligent solutions to help you proactively respond versus reacting to what’s already happened. Logility Voyager Solutions provide the planning power you need with advanced analytics, collaborative scenario analysis and artificial intelligence to solve your toughest supply chain and retail planning challenges. 

Embrace planning optimized and create a connected enterprise, one that harnesses big data and let’s you leverage a strategic platform to gain new insights for business opportunities. From planning and forecasting . . . across allocation, assortment and replenishment . . . through multi-echelon inventory optimization . . . to sourcing and production, Logility combines the power of continuous planning, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence with the visibility you need to create your connected enterprise.


Logility Voyager Solutions

Logility's collaborative supply chain optimization and advanced retail planning solutions include:

Accelerate Supply Chain Performance Using Advanced Analytics

In today’s fast paced world, the ability to rapidly evaluate multiple scenarios and drive smart business decisions can be the difference in success and failure. Learn how to do these things now.

Accelerate Supply Chain Performance Using Advanced Analytics

Delivering supply chain and retail planning results by industry for over 40 years.

Across all industries, supply chain thinking is changing from “What can I make, move and deliver” to “What does my customer want, when and where”? It’s more important than ever to have an integrated business platform to help create a connected enterprise with your customers and suppliers. Logility Voyager Solutions leverage the latest technologies like in-memory processing, algorithmic planning and machine learning to drive an intelligent response.  Our solutions consider both financial and volumetric information, and help you respond to event-triggered activities and keep your supply chain and retail planning efforts running smoothly.