November 2023

Today’s consumers demand faster fulfillment across an array of channels, intensifying the pressure on inventory management, especially in the face of growing global supply chain complexity. There’s no time to waste, read more to find out how to keep up with intermittent demand through the holiday season and beyond.

Expert Podcast:

In a recent podcast with Supply Chain Connect, explains a holistic approach to inventory optimization where businesses are already seeing substantial cost savings with the use of AI. Listen to clip in a discussion between Tyler Fussner, Managing Editor of Supply Chain Connect and Lisa Henriott, SVP, at Logility


You may have heard by now that DemandAI+ can be a more effective way to achieve higher forecast accuracy. Watch this one-minute video with a real example of DemandAI+ and ChatGPT in action.

By combining the power to ask questions through ChatGPT, decision-makers at all levels can now obtain real-time answers to unexpected queries, fostering transparency and enabling quicker, well-informed decisions. Embrace this transformative tool that not only saves valuable planning time but also empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. Watch the video to discover more.


Without innovation, businesses risk falling far behind, risking stock outs, overstocks, and less than appealing service levels. In our next webinar, InventoryAI+: Transforming Chaos into Triumph, our experts discuss innovation that advances inventory planning capabilities to automatically identify the best inventory policies for SKUs or stocking locations.

Experts Blogs:

For companies facing the threat of stock outs with sporadic or unpredictable fluctuations in demand, making the right decisions regarding inventory management is crucial. In our latest blog, Intermittent Demand: Using Stochastic Replenishment Planning. Lachelle Buchanan, VP at Logility, explains the key factors of stochastic replenishment planning.

Free Analyst Reports:

Our newest DemandAI+ capabilities have already shown impressive results in forecast accuracy. Analysts in Nucleus Research agree: “Planners will use these demand forecasting capabilities to proactively leverage sales, marketing, finance, and operations data to drive better cross-functional collaboration and decision-making for production, inventory management, and supply planning.” Downloading a free copy of Nucleus Research.

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