Going Beyond ERP to Maximize Supply Chain Value

Watch Going Beyond ERP to Maximize Supply Chain Value

Collaboration, Intelligence, and Connection: Going Beyond ERP to Maximize Supply Chain Value

More and more business leaders are realizing that, in order to navigate the complexities of the frequently disrupted global economy, their supply chains need functionality that connects planning and execution directly to strategic outcomes across the extended enterprise.

Companies that thrived during the pandemic had advanced supply chain planning and management systems in place that united the entire enterprise to ensure the flow of supplies and finished goods continued under extraordinarily challenging circumstances. It’s a collaborative role that ERP systems were never designed to fulfill.

If you’re interested in hearing how companies are tackling ERP limitations to accomplish their supply chain goals, watch this webcast now to learn from our panel of supply chain and ERP experts:

  • Angie Taylor, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Plastic Packaging Technologies
  • Joshua Greenbaum, Enterprise Applications Consulting (EAC) founder
  • Shawn Reynolds, formerly with SAP and now chief marketing officer at Logility

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