Husqvarna Group’s Digital Supply Chain Transformation Story

Watch Husqvarna Group’s Digital Supply Chain Transformation Story

In this on-demand webcast, Husqvarna Group, a leading global producer of outdoor power products with two major brands, Husqvarna and Gardena, discusses how it successfully manages an impressive digital supply chain transformation.

To remain a market leader, Husqvarna depends on a transparent, reliable, agile and sustainable supply chain to deliver on ever-changing customer expectations. Husqvarna stays on top of a complex global supply chain with long lead times and seasonal weather-dependent demand by continually streamlining its global supply chain into a unified digital platform using Logility’s supply chain planning platform.

Husqvarna has integrated 40 different ERP systems, enabling the company to use the Logility platform to plan from one set of numbers across the business. This provides global visibility across geographies and functional areas and helps Husqvarna analyze the supply chain data from different dimensions and foster fact-based discussions between supply chain, sales and finance. With Logility, Husqvarna can measure forecast accuracy and bias, which has given the company tremendous insights into problems and opportunities.

Logility allows Husqvarna to plan using much more granular segmentation of the company’s wide product assortment and to differentiate service levels based on customer group. It also can do this across its entire supply chain network. This means that it can use its supply chain planning as a strategic lever for delivering on its targets.

In this webcast, you’ll learn how Logility powered Husqvarna Group’s digital supply chain transformation by:

  • Instituting a scalable and robust S&OP process
  • Implementing an integrated digital supply chain platform
  • Expanding proactive, alert-driven automation of routine processes
  • Harmonizing data across the business for increased visibility
  • Establishing supply chain platform centers of excellence