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Global food and beverage (F&B) supply chains are complex and undergoing rapid change, forcing companies to recognize the need for comprehensive digital planningThe Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform provides advanced supply chain optimization coupled with extensive flexibility for a wide variety of F&B sectors, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and packaged and perishable foods. 

Embrace demand forecasting

Accurate forecasting helps food and beverage companies optimize their production efficiency, reduce inventory costs, improve distribution and streamline purchasing. 

Implement predictive scheduling

Even without supply chain volatility, companies need to use automation and analytics to optimize production schedules. 

Improve visibility

F&B companies need an accurate, complete digital picture of their operations in order to diversify suppliers and respond to challenges.

Achieve low-cost compliance

Navigate a more stringent regulatory landscape that places a premium on digital chain of custody, reporting and documentation.

Streamline and align S&OP

Turn S&OP and strategic planning into a formal comprehensive process with integrated business planning (IBP). 

The future of supply chain technology for the food and beverage industry is available now.

Logility supplies the visibility and capabilities to succeed in this fast-moving sector with unique and significant challenges. 

Optimize Production

Develop manufacturing plans that deliver least cost and least change, both within inventory limits.

Meet Service Goals Profitably

Use customer-specific forecasting profiles, “what-if” analysis and time-phased inventory policies to gauge cost-to-serve.

Monitor Performance
and Reduce Risk

Use native performance management capabilities to help you focus on global supply chain priorities.

Gain Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Formulate and revise plans based on real-time pictures of demand and inventory — even across complex global supply chains.

Streamline Product Launches

Meet profit goals while answering the constant need for innovation, variety and differentiated items.

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Our strategic growth plans require greater visibility and a flexible platform for both digital and operational supply chain success. Logility has been a key partner in support of our long-term goals and we look forward to new opportunities in the future.
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