Supply Chain Threats and Opportunities Facing the Consumer Durable Goods Industry


The consumer durable goods industry is experiencing significant supply chain threats, from product proliferation, demand volatility, intense global competition, evolving regulations and constrained supply brought on by a long period of sustained growth. By using supply chain management software to stay informed, efficient and resilient, companies can deliver the high-quality, differentiated products at the cost and service levels consumers expect.

It is vital that durable goods companies use supply chain management software to make effective planning and optimization decisions in several ways, including:

  • Capturing, verifying and combining information to enable rich analysis, decision making and rapid response to planned and unplanned events
  • Developing robust integrated business planning capabilities supported by a comprehensive supply chain planning and optimization platform to reduce cycle and response times, maximize resource utilization and improve the effectiveness of the extended organization.

This eBook explores six key areas where the greatest supply chain threats occur and presents opportunities in each one to help consumer durable goods companies stay competitive.

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