How do you reduce risk while freeing up working capital?

The supply chain is often the first place businesses focus on when looking to quickly free up working capital. It’s tempting to simply reduce inventory across the board or evaluate procurement plans, but if decisions are emotionally driven rather than supported by the best data and science available, the supply chain could be put at tremendous risk.

How do you balance supply while decreasing working capital to drive improvements in customer service and your bottom line? This video will demonstrate how to:

  • Balance all inventory across all tiers using advanced analysis, not just finished goods or items with predictable sales profiles, seasonality or trends
  • Remove emotion from the decision-making process and apply the right math and science to promote truly data-driven decisions
  • Understand whether pre-building or pre-buying is the best response to anticipated future capacity issues, and whether there are alternatives that will have a better impact on working capital

Logility’s digital supply chain platform enables inventory optimization at all levels, not just for finished goods. Decision-makers can model with cost-based variables, better understand the impact on working capital when vendor deals or discounts are offered, and gain insights into production facility alternatives.