Annual Planning

The annual plan guides how leadership intends to achieve the company’s vision for success. Effective annual planning clarifies the implications of supply chain activities within the business and their impact on revenues, cost and working capital.


Strategic Outcomes

Ensure annual planning keeps pace with a dynamic global marketplace. Traditional planning is inefficient and a significant drain on resource; integrated business planning (IBP) maintains a continuously updated operating and financial plan that ensures all information around demand, supply, new product development, strategic initiatives and finance are current and provide a single source of truth for your business.

Streamline sourcing

Determine where, and what, to source in a fraction of the time.

Plan efficiently

Cut hours and days from planning. Accelerate and streamline your planning cycle.

Align stakeholders

Get complete corporate and multi-divisional analysis for stakeholder collaboration.


Annual planning unites all stakeholders by requiring cross-functional agreement on key objectives such as defining the optimal configuration of a supply chain. Using this plan, companies can predict and act upon the need for increased investment in inventory, new product introductions, headcount and capital investments.

Increase profits

Effective annual planning helps control costs and improves your competitive advantage.

Improve efficiency

Integrated logistics puts you in a position to predict demand and take timely, appropriate action

Ensure better collaboration

Use annual planning to keep vendors, distributors and employees informed and aligned.

Increase throughput

With better planning you can reduce or eliminate delays in supply chain processes.

Logility has helped us develop a consistent integrated business planning process so we can focus on growing without having to reinvent the wheel every time we have a new acquisition, business challenge, or new customer request.
Berry Global Packs More Value With An Integrated Business Planning Process

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