December 2023

Today’s consumers demand immediate fulfillment across an array of channels, intensifying the pressure on supply chains to make faster, data-informed decisions. Featuring the latest generative AI scoop and getting started with supply chain AI, this newsletter will help you understand how to skyrocket the speed of decision making in your business with generative AI.

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Generative AI may seem overwhelming, and it may be because there needs to be a shift in the way businesses approach how they pilot generative AI. This complimentary Gartner® report “How to Pilot Generative AI” will help CIOs get started.

According to a Gartner® webinar, “45% of organizations have seen an increase in AI investment since ChatGPT was released, and 68% of executives believe that generative AI benefits outweigh its risks. However, despite this excitement, organizations struggle to get started: Only 19% of organizations are currently running a pilot or producing generative AI.”

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Free Blog:

How can generative AI be used to enhance supply chain?  “In one of our recent webinars, poll showed 76% of attendees were in the educational stage of adopting Generative AI in their companies…31% of attendees were cited saying they are either developing proposals to begin or currently testing pilots that incorporate AI to their companies.” –Read more here: Supply Chain AI: Getting Started in 5 Steps


In this rapidly evolving landscape, generative AI has emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled insights and efficiency in navigating complexities of modern supply chains. Sign up for our webinar to hear more from our expert, Scott Tillman. Register for free now: The New Era of AI-Powered Supply Chain Decisions.

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