How can you proactively solve manufacturing disruptions?

Traditional challenges in manufacturing planning have been compounded in recent times by constraints such as labor and supply availability, additional sanitation requirements, shorter shifts or more regular machine shutdowns. With demand and supply variability at an all-time high, how can you ensure your production schedules are resilient and cost-effective with so many constraints and so much uncertainty?

To enable resilient operations, you need an accurate digital representation – a ‘digital twin’ – of your manufacturing plants that lets you assess capacity, model disruptions and account for all constraints in order to evaluate, prioritize and optimize production for profitable outcomes that meet demand.

This video demonstrates how to quickly respond to manufacturing disruptions by:

  • Leveraging a precise digital representation of manufacturing plants with visibility into scheduled and planned orders, and accounting for all constraints
  • Generating an optimized production schedule
  • Simulating disruptions to consider impact and optimizing production across all lines to meet demand on time and at the lowest cost