From Concept to Customer with One SCM System

In this short video, hear how an end-to-end SCM system can deliver on a product concept to customer availability strategy by dramatically collapsing planning cycles and helping companies gain a first mover advantage or ride new unanticipated trends.

This approach lets companies break down the barriers preventing the flow of information, and collaborate across teams, departments, customers, and suppliers to make the smartest decisions in the shortest amount of time. Imagine a concept to customer strategy driven by a single SCM System as one plan leveraged across the business to bring products to market faster starting with design, tech specs and vendor onboarding, and compliance tracking that:

  • Considers how the product looks and tests the right balance to achieve a high quality product to be distributed in today’s omnichannel network(distribution centers, stores, or front doors)
  • Moves to forecasting, sourcing and production: positioning raw materials, bringing together components from multiple sources and considering factors like seasonality and capacity.
  • Then imagine collaborating every step of the way. Leveraging sales and operations planning. Balancing inventory demand and supply. Using advanced analytics to gain better visibility and new insights across your business.

Logility provides the only digital SCM system platform that enables autonomous supply chain planning and leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics every step of the way.