Logility Delivers GenAI for Supply Chain Planning

Transformative new capabilities extend AI-first planning solution. Go beyond boosting resiliency, to providing an engine for growing revenue and market share.


Master the complexity of supply chain decisions leveraging our AI-native platform

Workforce challenges, unpredictable markets, data volume, silos, and the intricacies of supply chain analysis underscore the urgent need for transformative solutions like Logility’s GenAI enabling enterprises to:

  • Make faster decisions that deliver competitive advantage.
  • Increase productivity with actionable insights.
  • Use a conversational interface to speak supply chain in your everyday language.

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Don’t miss this first look at Logility GenAI where we transform the AI conversation from buzzwords to real innovation you can use today.

Know Faster. Grow Faster.

Logility’s GenAI accelerates supply chain decision making, dramatically increasing access to information and the productivity of all team members involved in demand and inventory management.

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Watch this full demo to see how you can leverage our AI-native platform to master complex supply chain data, boost productivity, and communicate across departmental silos.

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