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Leverage advanced AI to escape the tug-of-war between margins and service through intelligent scoring and multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO).


Improve Inventory Accuracy

Use real time visibility into inventory levels to avoid stockouts and overstocks

Reduce Inventory costs

Optimize inventory levels and identifying opportunities to reduce waste

Perform “what-if” analyses

Examine costs and service level impacts of alternative plans and scenarios

Inventory segmentation

Evaluate inventory segmentation based on product and market attributes.

No More One-Size-Fits-All

Optimizing inventory today is far more complex and challenging than it used to be. Organizations now juggle a growing number of SKUs with longer lead-times and more complex supply chains while having to offer faster fulfillment. Getting finished products to market with simple, one-size-fits-all approaches no longer work.
CSCOs now need to think about the bigger picture with more scenarios and alternatives that optimize across all locations and time horizons, factoring in sourcing, production, distribution, and service levels.

Go Beyond Safety Stock

How do you go beyond safety stock and optimize inventory levels? Logility helps clients optimize inventory to address supply and demand variability and improve service levels with deeper insight into inventory status, inventory form and function, inventory scenarios. 

Inventory Strategies: Evaluating Constant Disruptions

Inventory strategies begin with an efficient network design to effectively balance your ability to accurately predict customer demand and work with suppliers to adjust orders in real time. Traditionally manual processes can make this take nearly impossible – making the use of AI-embedded supply chain technology a high priority for companies across all markets, industries, and sizes.

Optimize Your Inventory with Strategic Scenario Modeling

How much inventory is needed in each distribution center? Is your inventory optimally staged to guarantee service levels? Strategic scenario modeling allows you to determine the impact of alternate design scenarios on our inventory staging. Inventory optimization ensures we meet customer service goals while reducing risk and total inventory across your network.

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