Causal Forecasting​

Get a precise view of real customer demand as it happens.


Strategic Outcomes

Better forecasts come from more market context. Causal forecasting integrates all relevant demand signals into a single source of truth and performs predictive and visual analytics that improve forecast quality, resulting in better decisions ahead of the demand curve.

Increase customer satisfaction

Anticipate demand and increase production accordingly.

Boost revenue

Increase revenue by predicting and then reducing stock-outs.

Gain insight

Improve new product and new store introductions with better customer insight at the point of sale and by incorporating relevant social analytics and other external data sources.


Logility’s causal forecasting solution augments your core demand forecasting and provides a more proactive approach versus basing inventory positions and replenishment schedules solely on shipment data.

Improve planning

Improve forecast accuracy by incorporating information from external demand signals, thereby increasing their ability to predict mid-term demand patterns. 

Reduce lead times

Drive enhanced scheduling and procurement; lower expediting and inventory costs while increasing deployment scheduling efficiency. 

Optimize inventory

Reduce over- or under-stock situations.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact in the automotive industry. Together with Logility, we are able to quickly assess impacts by creating and reviewing scenarios based on the disruptive market signals. Using the native AI capabilities in Logility, we are able to offset the impact of the disruption and meet the increased demand and prevent reduced service levels.
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