Turn demand insights into
higher margins


Thrive in the changing retail economy.

The retail supply chain is a tricky balance. Avoiding out-of-stocks is a must, but too much product—on the shelf, at the warehouse, backed up in a less-than-agile supply chain—triggers drastic markdowns and dilutes profits.
With Logility Voyager Solutions™, never have too much or too little. Use artificial intelligence and demand sensing to accurately predict future market needs and improve in-stock positions while optimizing inventory investments. As new market intelligence is available, you’ll be able to make re-planning quick and effective through continuous planning.
Let’s take a look:

Increase inventory turns

Successfully plan and manage promotions

Easily collaborate with suppliers

Improve sourcing and production of private-labeled products

The future of supply chain planning, available today

Easily predict
promotional demand

Model demand shifts related to new store openings, special offers, advertising, or other sales anomalies.

cycle times

Leverage a collaborative, concept-to-customer platform that provides real-time visibility into supply chain activities.

Evaluate the best
source of supply

Generate multiple supply plans that consider all restraints.

Integrated business

Turn Merchandising, Inventory and Operations Execution (MIOE) and strategic planning into a formal, comprehensive integrated business planning (IBP) process.

Increase profits on
private label goods

Harness the science of advanced analytics to reduce total supply chain costs, optimize sourcing decisions, increase visibility of offshore production, monitor the movement of goods and improve the flow of information with supply-side trading partners.

Generate multi-level

Predict sales for thousands of SKUs, in addition to forecasting at the product, family, customer and store cluster levels.

Set time-phased
inventory targets

Balance the trade-off between desired service levels and inventory investments to set inventory targets based on specific safety stock and order quantity rules.

Leverage Point-of-Sale (POS)
and syndicated data

Consider a variety of demand signals to increase demand planning accuracy and replenishment.

Optimize across a product’s
entire life span

Optimize buys from introduction to sell-off.

Incorporate structured
and unstructured data

Leverage data from internal and external sources, including IoT sensors, to gain insights into global supply chain conditions.

Success with Logility solutions

Groupe Dynamite now develops forecasts down to the store level accounting for consumer variances including climate, culture, and fashion trends since implementing Logility Voyager Allocation™ and Logility Voyager Merchandise Planning™.

Big Lots

Big Lots implemented Logility Voyager Allocation™ and experienced improved turnover, access to data from each store to arm its allocation analysts team with information to make the most strategic buys and align inventory levels with demand.

Tuesday Morning deployed Logility Voyager Allocation and enhanced visibility into forecasted demand and allows the planning team to rapidly develop and evaluate multiple scenarios on when and where to most profitably allocate inventory.

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