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The lines have blurred as retailers scramble to implement solutions designed to help reach customers in new ways. The Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform uses artificial intelligence and demand sensing to accurately predict future customer demand and improve in-stock positions while optimizing inventory investments and driving down costs.  

Easily predict promotional demand

Model demand shifts related to new store openings, special offers, advertising, or other anomalies.  Compare multiple factors for marketing programs.  

Condense cycle times

Leverage a collaborative technology platform that gives you real-time visibility into supply chain activities.  

Evaluate the best source of supply

Make decisions that will maximize profit by optimizing tough trade-offs between sourcing options, lead times and transportation options. 

Optimize inventory policies

Improve in-stock positions while balancing inventory investments through more accurate prediction of market trendsPivot quickly as new market intelligence arises. 

The future of supply chain technology for the retail industry is available now.

Logility knows that the retail supply chain is about being nimble and precise. Avoiding out-of-stocks is a must, but too much product — on the shelf, at the warehouse, backed up in a less-than-agile supply chain — triggers markdowns and dilutes profits. With the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platformbetter balance equals more profit. 

Leverage Point-of-Sale (POS) and Syndicated Data

Consider a variety of demand signals to increase demand planning accuracy. POS data provides a clear indication of whats selling and whats not. 

Generate Multi-Level Forecasts

You can easily predict sales for thousands of SKUs, in addition to forecasting at the product, family, customer and store cluster levels. Even when you lack comprehensive sales history for specific items  or sales are lumpy and intermittent  Logility gives you the tools to more accurately predict customer demand.

Increase Profits on Private Label Goods

Improve visibility of offshore production, monitor the movement of goods and enhance collaboration with suppliers. Logility continuously tracks, controls, alerts, simulates and measures supply chain activity.

Set Time-Phased Inventory Targets

Balance the trade-off between desired service levels and inventory investments. Logility dynamically sets inventory targets based on specific safety stock and order quantity rules, enabling you to rapidly model the cost of specific percentage improvements in customer service.

Optimize Buys Across a Product’s Life Cycle

From introduction to sell-offyoull know the status of raw materials, and youll have the insight to make quick decisions, react to new trends and accelerate in-season replenishment.

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Logility has enabled us to improve our sell-through, reduce our markdowns and increase profitability as we position merchandise in the optimal location to delight our customers.
Groupe Dynamite Manages Exploding Growth with Logility
We’ve got rich data in terms of how we are selling in a specific location. With Logility, we can send out the initial pre-packs, but at a store location level we can calculate the need and become more bespoke. Logility gives us extra agility and flexibility.

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