Automated Order Promising

We know customer satisfaction is your number one priority. Automated order promising lets you deliver and fulfill with confidence.


Strategic Outcomes

Automated order promising allows you to evaluate Available-to-Promise (ATP), Capable-to-Promise (CTP) and Profitable-to-Promise (PTP) capabilities to improve customer service and model supply chain opportunities, leveraging an active digital twin to quickly determine the ability to fulfill a customer order.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Automate order fulfillment in real time and boost delivery performance by leveraging all supply plan resources. Confidently deliver and fulfill orders from physical or virtual inventory and get instant analysis of order profitability.

Leverage a global view of supply and demand

Determine production priorities, shipment strategies, delivery dates and the sourcing of materials.


Leverage in-memory processing and robust analytics for faster decision-making around how to respond to an unexpected opportunity, generate incremental revenue and provide more proactive customer service.

Save time

Calculations are based on your existing plan, constraints and rules.

Protect margins

Restrict promised deliveries to profitable scenarios.

Honor relationships

Ensure commitments to top-tier customers are retained and SLAs adhered to.

Manage risk

Review the impact of short-notice change orders using what-if analysis. Model in advance to pre-empt unexpected situations.

How do you automate order fulfillment and achieve

This video demonstrates how to automate order fulfillment and achieve customer excellence by:
· Gaining real-time visibility of customer status and incoming orders
· Seeing quantities available to promise and capable to promise
· Reviewing promise dates and understanding fulfillment status
· Considering all available resources for potential alternate sourcing
· Evaluating order profitability

What was great about it as a solution , it really fit our needs well… it was able to scale and was able to be licensed in a way that really matched our exact need.
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