Tillamook Achieves Growth with Strategic Supply Chain


Tillamook County Creamery Association manufactures and sells high-quality dairy products including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream and butter. Since its founding in 1909 as a farm co-op, the company has grown to include 90 farming families manufacturing dairy products in Oregon under the Tillamook brand name. Starting in 2017, the co-op took a significant leap forward, expanding past its market west of the Rockies to include national customers including Costco, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and Albertsons. Today Tillamook sells into all channels, including retail, food service and club stores and the co-op launched a deli program in 2019.

To support rapid growth, Tillamook needed to replace its ERP and Excel-based planning processes and break down silos among planning, finance and sales that had everyone working off their own numbers, with limited budget collaboration. Tillamook found the answer with Logility to optimize its internal plants as well as 14 co-manufacturers.

Tillamook needed a planning system with the capacity to scale with the company’s strategic growth ambitions. With an expanding product portfolio that must be aged up to eight years ahead, a rapidly expanding customer base and a goal of hitting a 99% company-wide fill rate, Tillamook needed a more sophisticated planning approach to replace its Excel-based efforts.

Tillamook turned to the Logility SCM Software to gain visibility and optimize its supply chain planning to support the organization’s aggressive expansion goals, with more accurate forecasts, improved fill rates, reduced inventory levels and less spoilage and obsolescence.

Watch this video and learn how Tillamook transformed its team and technology to gain visibility and flexibility across its supply chain using the Logility Supply Chain Digital Platform to support its strategic growth plans.