Logility’s compliance solution provides a centralized system to evaluate, manage and report, simplifying the complexities of vendor compliance and corporate social responsibility management.


Strategic Outcomes

Make sure your products move smoothly across the globe. We help every participant in your global supply chain – retailers, brands, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, agents, brokers, carriers and freight forwarders – be on the same page. Reduce risk, ensure corporate social responsibility, and protect your brand.

Manage risk

Ensure vendor accountability, transparency and adherence to your standards of vendor engagement.

Simplify complexities

Provide a centralized system to evaluate, manage and report on details of vendor compliance.

Maintain good practices

With current data to support decision-making, senior management has the information they need to minimize risk to CSR initiatives and ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Ensure accountability

Enforce control and accountability for all suppliers, vendors and other third parties involved in the design, manufacturing and delivery of your products. Maintain brand integrity.


Logility’s compliance solution is all part of our concept-to-customer process – making sure you improve speed to market and responsiveness by collaborating in real time, all the time.

Manage vendor profiles

Support the creation and maintenance of comprehensive vendor profiles including certification, machinery, capabilities and contracts.

Improve vendor decision-making

Enable better vendor decisions by easily accessing information on the status of certifications, factory scorecards and product quality..

Facilitate onboarding

Facilitate the onboarding of new vendors with the proper procedures to provide full transparency and accountability using calendars, alerts and collaboration.

Enable continuous improvement

Enable continuous improvement programs and GMP by helping to identify areas of improvement and create and manage corrective action plans for vendors.

Manage regulations

Manage important government-mandated regulations through standardized forms and scheduling, including Conflict Minerals, REACH, Restricted Substances lists, Prop 65 and many more.

Our strategic growth plans require greater visibility and a flexible platform for both digital and operational supply chain success. Logility has been a key partner in support of our long-term goals and we look forward to new opportunities in the future.
Tillamook Achieves Growth with Strategic Supply Chain
With Logility, we have an integrated planning platform that enables Glen Raven to better serve our customers and grow our business efficiently.

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