Inventory Planning
and Optimization

Improve profitability. Increase customer satisfaction. Free up working capital.


Strategic Outcomes

What if you could reduce inventory by 10% to 30% while enhancing the customer service experience? Optimize postponement strategies, accelerate inventory turns, reduce carrying costs and lower obsolescence rates? 

Meet Logility’s solution for multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) that controls upward pressure on inventory buffers at all stages and locations of your supply chain network. And whether you use Make-to-Stock (MTS) or lean inventory models, there’s no easier way to achieve your goals.

Synchronize goals

Synchronize strategic goals with tactical inventory targets.

Maximize service levels

Do away with top-down budgeting. Reach the highest possible service levels with the minimum strategic investment in inventory.

Free up working capital

Free up millions of dollars in working capital that’s trapped in excess inventory.

Balance investments against goals

Use advanced modeling to evaluate multiple strategies, compare outcomes and find your optimal direction.


Leverage the power of multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to understand the key drivers of excess inventory and put the right levels of stock at the right places to create the best balance between cost and service.

Calculate accurately

Calculate the ideal stocking location and size of inventory buffers.

Automate updates

Automate the update of inventory policies. Make broad-based changes or pinpoint overrides at the lowest level of detail in the supply chain. Establish and automate time-phased safety stock policies.

Evaluate segmentation

Evaluate inventory segmentation based on volume, velocity and margin along with other product and market attributes.

Analyze scenarios

Perform “what-if” analyses to examine cost and service level impact of alternative plans and business scenarios. Tailor simulations to specific customer or product segments.


Optimize the entire supply chain, rather than point by point, and discover all types of inventory (Finished Goods, WIP, Component, Raw). 

Integrate systems

Seamlessly integrate with common ERP and APS systems and handle any number of SKUs and locations. Streamline the management of large, dynamic product portfolios.

The Advanced Inventory Optimization Handbook

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