Advanced Analytics Gives Aaron’s Better Data Visibility


Founded in 1955, Aaron’s is a leader in the lease ownership of name brand furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances through its 1,600+ company-operated and franchised stores in 47 states and Canada.

As Aaron’s grew over the years and the business became more complex, the company needed to manage and access increasing quantities of data. Before implementing Logility* advanced analytics solutions it had become very difficult to make important business decisions quickly and accurately.

Based on its size and growth plans, the company needed an analytics platform to serve as both a data warehouse and a visual discovery solution. Because advanced analytics from Logility easily scales to the growing complexities of Aaron’s supply chain and ensures that operational visibility is accessible to key stakeholders every day it was a perfect fit.

Watch this quick video and learn how Aaron’s achieved complete visibility across its supply chain, supporting its strategic growth plans, thanks to Logility.

*Halo Business Intelligence is now Logility