Faster, More Profitable Response to 4 Supply Chain Risks

Anything can happen in your supply chain, from unpredictable demand shifts and constant supply disruptions to global economic volatility. And if you feel the pressure to prepare for whatever comes next – whether or not you know the risk or opportunity ahead – is unrelenting, you’re not alone.

Although resiliency has been a top priority over the last few years, most supply chain executives are still caught off-guard by economic, climate, and geopolitical uncertainties. The constant instability in material, labor, transportation, and logistics costs is even more frustrating, especially as tension builds as market demand, customer preferences, and competition evolve unpredictably.

With a balanced approach to investing in people, processes, and technologies, you can confidently navigate the four fundamental categories of supply chain risk:

Catastrophic events, such as natural disasters, pandemics, and energy crises
Strategic risks, including supply shortages, competitive shifts, and economic downturns
Periodic incidents like technology failures and weather- or labor-related delays
Daily surprises that include data errors and short-term backorders

More Supply Chain Planning. Less Risk.

In a Gartner survey, nearly 80% of participating large organizations said they use lessons from past disruptions to change how they run their business. This practice is also applied when leaning into resilience and agility to be more proactive and better prepared.

However, this reliance on the past is easier said than done in today’s competitive landscape. Most supply chains face disruptions and delays unlike anything experienced three months ago – let alone three years ago.

The key to outsmarting supply chain risks is assessing them within the categories they fit and planning responses with network-wide visibility, information gathering, and predictive and prescriptive analytics. This approach helps your supply chain organization balance how it leverages people, processes, and technologies to deliver actionable decisions with greater accuracy and speed.

For many companies worldwide, delivering this advantage to their entire supply network relies on leveraging the latest digital innovations with access to AI and embedded analytics.

Suppose your business encounters a catastrophic event that jeopardizes specific business areas. Access to network design tools through the platform can empower your team to regularly reevaluate how materials move around your supply network. This allows you to rapidly realign production resources and avoid impacted areas immediately through a transparent analysis of cost and service impact.

Even if your business is affected by a strategic supply chain risk, periodic incident, or daily surprise, the Logility Digital Supply Chain Platform helps pivot your operations to protect assets and optimize demand fulfillment. For example, the platform facilitates vendor management automation so you can quickly evaluate supply options and manage alternate suppliers and vendors when an issue arises. Additionally, solutions that enable accurate forecasting across multiple horizons and support multi-echelon inventory optimizations provide the visibility to avoid backorders and navigate short-term interruptions while balancing costs, constraints, and high-quality customer experiences.

Furthermore, you can get ready and navigate the incoming threat of competitive shifts – whether entering or exiting – across your product and geographic market. The platform provides AI-based demand-sensing capabilities that can help you automatically monitor for and react to unanticipated changes in demand in response to your competitor’s activities. Furthermore, your team can ensure every product is delivered profitably and compliantly with detailed traceability from the origin to the final destination.

Competitive Edge Emerges in a Proven Platform

So, how do you solve for supply chain certainty in times of relentless uncertainty? First, you partner with a leader that values and augments its customers’ power to achieve ongoing success.

For decades, companies all over the world have trusted Logility. As a result, they have achieved significant improvements and advantages that help them outmaneuver considerable obstacles and take on ground-breaking opportunities.

Such success includes overcoming supply scarcities and rising costs, optimizing trade-offs between sourcing options, flexing distribution networks, and maximizing service and product availability while minimizing delivery costs. And the list goes on as new supply chain risks emerge in an ever-evolving market landscape.

To find out how Logility can help your team outsmart critical supply chain risks before they disrupt your supply chain,