Vendor Management

Logility’s vendor management solution meets the specific and unique needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands and retailers.


Strategic Outcomes

Improve speed to market and supply chain responsiveness. Logility empowers the connected enterprise, allowing companies to disseminate information to optimize product lead time and distribution, maximizing company revenue and profit.

Monitor trends

Track current consumer selling trends and ensure your most popular products are quickly delivered to those who want to buy them.

Collaborate in real time

Collaborate across the globe, with visibility into your purchase orders, material commitments and inbound shipments.

Improve cash flow and cost management

Reduce expenses, optimize inventory, tighten up resources.

Enable a demand-driven supply chain

Configurable and user-friendly, vendor management enables the speed and responsiveness for today’s demand-driven supply chain. 


Extend production and logistics information to all members of the global supply chain, including retailers, brands, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, agents, brokers, carriers and freight forwarders.

Compress purchasing lead times

Position raw materials for planned production cycles or series. 

Improve order fulfillment rates

Balance production capacity and product demand.

Shrink markdowns and closeouts

Apply “postponement” techniques to adjust WIP inventories.

Cut unexpected airfreight expenses

Ensure on-time deliveries from global production facilities.

Reduce product defects

Manage on-site quality audits and make corrections based on the results.

Vendor Compliance Solution

Learn how organizations can respond to disruptions without putting the company at risk. Understand how real-time vendor visibility enables full collaboration with the vendor ecosystem to promote discovery, evaluation and the communication of issues, thereby turning challenges into opportunities.

Vendor management extends and unifies our operational capabilities globally to both our associates and our suppliers. It will create a new level of efficiency across our supply organization.
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