Long-Term Planning

Empower both S&OP and long-range strategic planning together in one flexible planning and decision support system by uniting volumetric and financial information. 


Strategic Outcomes

Logility’s long-term planning solution combines volumetric and financial analysis and collaborative workflow into one flexible planning and decision support system to change the game for your business.

Achieve business goals

Visualize, evaluate and optimize plans for customers, markets, investments and resources.

Manage revenue

Manage the drivers of revenue and cost that align to core business goals.

Broaden your scope

Use flexible business planning to span traditional S&OP, SIOP, financial and strategic planning.


Improve longer-term predictions of market demand, new product introductions (NPIs), product phase-outs, short life cycle products and promotions. Drive more accurate demand plans that are attuned to your product portfolio, target markets and product life cycles.

Plan ahead

Synchronize strategic and tactical plans over multiple time horizons, from five years of history to 10 years into the future.

Evaluate risk

Visualize the merits of multiple business scenarios to evaluate risks and opportunities. Leverage native in-memory SaaS architecture to perform fast planning simulations, comparisons and “what-if” scenarios.

Gain valuable insights

Gain new insights through robust multi-tiered segmentation analysis for increased precision in determining demand, inventory and supply strategies.

Overcome currency challenges

Plan and display mixed currencies across global, regional and multi-divisional organizations.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP – House of Planning)

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