Data Visualization: Getting Stakeholders on the Same Page

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it…” Albert Einstein

Logility believes that your analytics should naturally flow to you as you model your supply chain. There are certain key supply chain metrics and a world of ways to look at them. Experts at Logility have been presenting supply chain metrics for decades and we have found the best way to look at numbers and communicate them to audiences through data visualization.

We want our solutions to tell your story. As you go through the reference data and show it to your fellow stakeholders or your leadership, you should be able to dig deep into the meaning and tradeoffs of the key supply chain metrics:

  • Service times and their implications
  • Landed costs and the breakdown of its components
  • Inventory and the impact to different supply chain options
  • Capacity, utilization, or just total velocity of demand flow
  • Cost to serve (CTS) and Cost Per Unit (CPU)

See data visualization in action: See costs and how they change across scenarios, Make Service Time a key part of your Supply Chain Strategy, See how different costs breakdown, Facility Flows and costs Lane Costs and Cost to Serve.

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