Powering the Sustainable Enterprise with Supply Chain Innovation

Powering the Sustainable Enterprise with Supply Chain Innovation

In our latest release, Logility has doubled down on technology developments to ensure sustainable, ethical practices that support brand integrity and corporate responsibility. We’re pleased to announce the general availability of our corporate responsibility solution, developed to help companies build stronger and more sustainable supply chains through better management of the growing number of corporate governance assessments and audits and through superior collaboration with the entire supply chain network.

Why Corporate Responsibility?

In a previous release of the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform, we touched on two core principles that we are returning to repeatedly as we think about how best to serve our customers: 

  • Most advantageous for our customers is the opportunity to be transparent with their customers; 
  • Customers expect to have their order fulfilled quickly, safely, and with products that are ethically sourced. 

Consider the following in the context of challenges faced by today’s complex, global supply networks: 

In short, we believe a genuine commitment to sustainable practices is no longer optional. Yet despite growing consumer demand for more sustainable choices and an increasingly aggressive regulatory climate, few companies can accurately measure the environmental and social impact of their supply chains. Without accurate measurement and a complete understanding of how social and environmental compliance affects planning decisions, we believe that the sustainable transformation industries need will remain elusive. 

Logility’s corporate responsibility solution is far more than a repository of supplier audit data. At the brand level, corporate responsibility visualizes a wide variety of social and environmental data gathered from individual members of the supply chain. This data includes wages, working hours, health/safety, emissions, waste disposal practices and much more. Planners can quickly analyze variances between audit results and self-reported results. More importantly, they can combine that information with planning data to make informed decisions based on suppliers’ progress toward sustainable practices.  

Mark Balte, Senior Vice President of Product Innovation at Logility, puts it this way: “We support the emphasis that today’s businesses and consumers place on corporate responsibility and sustainability. Logility enables companies to reach their sustainability goals, and with our 21.02 release we have been able to increase our impact in ways that data clearing houses, auditors and syndicators can’t and won’t offer. Our commitment to enabling our customers to create resilient, sustainable supply chains that improve people’s lives and the world we live in, is at the core of our brand promise.” 

Other Features in this Release 

The new release includes reimagined inventory planning and optimization functionality, enhancements to raw materials traceability, enhanced notification capabilities, and a new-look demand forecast view that increases accessibility and readability for all decision-makers.   

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