Product Lifecycle Management

Streamline Product Development from Concept to Customer for Swift Market Success with Logility’s Product Lifecycle Management Solution


Accelerate Profitable Product Delivery

Companies often struggle with sluggish product development and delivery in the face of rapid industry changes. The ability to compress development cycles and swiftly bring profitable products to market ensures long-term company viability. Logility’s Product Lifecycle Management offers a comprehensive solution for planning, merchandising, design, costing, sampling, quality, and sourcing.

Product Lifecycle Management Unlocks Competive Advantage

Logility’s Product Lifecycle Management streamlines processes, from planning to delivery, fostering an interconnected enterprise that accelerates product journeys.

  • Improved responsiveness, cost optimization, and enhanced visibility result in a product portfolio aligned with customer specifications and industry standards, all achieved at the lowest cost.
  • Scenario analysis and multiple cost sheets empower clients to maximize profitability while efficiently tracking progress and performance.
  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced lead times through informed decision-making improve product time to market.
  • Reduced development costs and increased collaboration enable clients to navigate the evolving industry landscape with agility and deliver successful products on time and within budget.
Our marketing department tracks product tests and introductions quickly and easily. We can see whether individual stores are achieving different results from others in a chain of stores. If a program isn’t selling at that chain or in a particular store, our rep can help the customer spot trends, understand their performance and make adjustments to improve performance.