Product Lifecycle Management

Our solution has the capabilities you need to innovate and accelerate bringing winning products to market
on time, on trend and on budget


Strategic Outcomes

The long-term viability of your company depends on your ability to deliver a steady stream of profitable products to market. The current pace of change has created a growing challenge to compress development cycle times and get products to market quicker. Logility’s solution for product lifecycle management is a single solution for planning, merchandising, design, costing, sampling, quality and sourcing, providing complete visibility and control from concept to delivery.

Empower the connected enterprise

Bring product, people and process together to speed products from concept to customer.

Improve responsiveness

Optimize your product portfolio, meet customer specifications and comply with industry regulations and standards at the lowest cost.

Maximize profitability

Create multiple cost sheets per product and perform “what-if” scenarios to determine which items hit financial targets.

Increase visibility

Track progress, predict unexpected delays and keep all departments on the same page in real time.


Product lifecycle management supports a digital supply chain by transforming design productivity and reducing lead times. Logility helps you manage the entire product lifecycle based on the most up-to-date information available.

Track progress

Enhance efficiency by using product development calendars to monitor on-time schedules and performance. 

Monitor performance

Monitor performance through standard reports and dashboards infused with advanced analytics.

Reduce costs

Reduce development costs by establishing product viability prior to prototype requests.


Increase product adoption rates through collaborative product development.

Jockey has become more efficient and collaborative, both internally and with our vendors, by centralizing our data sharing across the entire supply chain using one platform. We are thankful for the benefits we’ve seen since implementing the solution, helping our company evolve and make faster and more informed decisions.
How to Design a Successful Apparel Supply Chain
We’ve automated a lot of processes with Logility, so our planners can focus on things that make a difference. We’re also positioned to grow revenue as our business continues to evolve.

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