Logility Network Optimization — Fully Web Deployed 

The first fully web deployed, SaaS Supply Chain Design Service – Logility Network Optimization

Logility network optimization is fully web deployed.

Logility built its Network Optimization for serverless (100% web deployment) for one reason: accessibility. We want our users to have full and complete access to their Supply Chain Design models anywhere and everywhere. They should be able to: 

  • Work where and whenever they wish 
  • Collaborate in conference rooms and over web meetings 
  • Feel confident their data and models are safe and secure 
  • Know that they are accessing the most powerful computing power that can be mustered 

The last bullet is key. Logility actually needs massive computing power to do what it does — solve massive optimization problems, give you great answers, and present powerful analytics. Most companies do not wish to purchase the hardware and software required to run powerful models — Logility provides this on demand and at an economical subscription rate. 
Logility also wants to take network design out of the “Engineers Playground” and put it into multiple hands. Feel free to share models with your colleagues. 

See how Logility Network Optimization is constructed in this model or in this video