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Chemicals supply chains can be intricate, involving multiple suppliers, production stages, and distribution channels. That’s why specialty and process chemical leaders rely on Logility’s AI-first solution to efficiently manage this complexity. With advanced analytics, automation,  chemical companies can respond swiftly to market dynamics, ensuring a resilient and agile supply chain that is well-positioned to meet customer demands while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Improve Global Inventory Management

Optimize inventory  holistically across a multi-echelon network, ensuring maximum service at the lowest cost.

Synchronize Multi-Plant Activity

Use time-phased sourcing decisions to coordinate multi-plant production.

Boost Production Productivity

Optimize production schedules within individual plants by automatically managing multi-stage capacity constraints, changeovers, safety requirements and more.

Understand Demand Drivers

Increase demand forecast accuracy by item, location, customer and/or product group.

Monitor Performance and Reduce Risk

Use performance management capabilities to help you focus on global supply chain priorities.

Optimize Network Flows

Determine the optimum flows seasonally, monthly, weekly, or whenever there is a significant change.

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